I grew up in a small town in Indiana called Nashville. Growing up in a small town where everyone knew everyone (and everything about you,) always made me dream about living in big cities. I moved to Atlanta, Georgia for a year just after graduating High School; and then Omaha, Nebraska a year later. Omaha is where I currently live out the best version of my life.

     I have a "slight" addiction to Netflix and all things Taylor Swift (seriously girl, write another album already...) Friends will forever and always be my number one favorite TV Show. I'm definitely a cat person, but if I could, an Owl would be my pet of choice. On days off you can generally find me at a movie with friends, or reading a good book!

     I started photography at the age of 13 when I got my first "point and shoot" camera. I remember going into the woods behind my house and literally trying to find interesting ways to take photos of leaves! 😂 (Side note... I LOVE emojis and just got so excited that I could add them in here..😂) Now almost 10 years later I've started a business and am living my dreams that I thought would never come. 

    I'm passionate about empowering young men and women to love themselves, to dream, and to believe. Not only in their dreams, but in themselves.


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